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Donor and Foster Spotlight: Kit

“I love it when a group of kittens is crawling up my pant legs into my lap,” says Kit Kubitz about his foster experience. “You put one down and bam, he crawls right back up again.” Kit is a retired attorney, 25 year volunteer at the Marine Mammal Center, does wildlife transport for Marin’s Wildcare,…

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Carri and Her Critters

TKR donor Carri had a long career saving human lives. Now retired, she gives her heart and helping hands to saving animals in her community. Close to home, Carri rescued a couple of terribly neglected cats. A skinny elder cat left hungry and ignored for most of each day in a nearby backyard was taken…

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Panda Bear

Panda, who fosters lovingly called “the little kitty who wouldn’t grow”, was featured in TKR’s holiday appeal letter, and her touching story made her a little celebrity. Tina Costa Delaney adopted this little darling and it’s true love. In gratitude for Panda and TKR, Tina generously decided to give back. In 2015 she donated 10%…

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