Donor and Foster Spotlight: Kit

“I love it when a group of kittens is crawling up my pant legs into my lap,” says Kit Kubitz about his foster experience. “You put one down and bam, he crawls right back up again.”

Kit is a retired attorney, 25 year volunteer at the Marine Mammal Center, does wildlife transport for Marin’s Wildcare, and with his wife has fostered for and donated to TKR for many, many years.

The idea of giving a kitten a chance at a long and happy life really resonates with Kit. He recently lost his orange cat Samson, who he adopted as a kitten. Samson was rescued from a construction site at 1 1/2 months and lived to be 17 years, 9 months old (86 in human years).

Samson–or Sammy, Papa, Poppy – was a very distinctive bruiser, with lion-like polydactyl paws and a very big personality” says Kit. ” He was a loving boy and a tough guy who knew what he liked and didn’t like. We got him as a rescue kitten and loved him his whole life. He was my best pal.”

In Samson’s memory, Kit and his wife recently made a donation to TKR.

“I like helping homeless kittens have a future,” says Kit.  “People should know that lost kittens, like my Sammy, who started life who knows where, can be life-long friends.”