Carri and Her Critters

TKR donor Carri had a long career saving human lives. Now retired, she gives her heart and helping hands to saving animals in her community.

Close to home, Carri rescued a couple of terribly neglected cats. A skinny elder cat left hungry and ignored for most of each day in a nearby backyard was taken in and loved by Carri until he passed. Currently she shares her home with Mr. Fab (or Fabulous). He was another neighbor’s cat who was left outside all the time (what is with these people???), then later dumped at the SF city shelter. Luckily Carri was at the shelter and recognized orange and white Mr. Fab – and adopted him right away!

It was at SF Animal Care & Control that Carri first got to know about Toni’s Kitty Rescue. In 2005 Carri enlisted as a volunteer at this city shelter. She did duty in the veterinary room until 2016, and now twice a week she escorts SFACC dogs into an outdoor yard for much-enjoyed doggie group play.

During the early years of her tenure at the shelter Carri helped TKR’s Toni pile multiple 20lb bags of donated SPCA cat and kitten food onto a groaning cart and push it for two blocks from the SPCA to SFACC.  During the heavy lifting and lugging they talked and Carri learned how much Toni and her foster squad accomplish with a tiny budget and a group of devoted foster parents.

Which is why for many years Carri has been saving kitten lives by being a generous contributor to TKR. She says she likes giving to TKR because “I like to give to small, local groups. When I give to Toni’s Kitty Rescue I  can really see where my money is going. There’s so much goodness there.”