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Please Note: We welcome new applications to foster for TKR, but we require that you must have previous experience fostering kittens. Thank you.


Fostering is simply taking care of underage kittens in your home until they are big enough (2 lbs) and healthy enough to go up for adoption.  Kitten food, medications and other supplies are provided to fosters by Toni’s Kitty Rescue. Once the kittens are ready for adoption, they will be transferred to the care of one of our cat rescue partners who will handle the adoption process.

A TKR foster can care for a couple kittens, a whole litter, a nice mom and kittens or a feral mom and kittens. Some fosters bottle feed 10 day old kittens, others socialize shy and scared kittens, and many  “just” provide a warm bed, regular food, and lots of love. Some choose to foster once a year, some twice a year and some have been fostering for 10 years. We have foster situations to fit almost anyone’s schedule and TKR accommodates any emergencies, vacations or work travel that may come up.

TKR appreciates any way fosters are able to help. Singles, families with kids, couples, all are welcome to consider fostering!


Potential foster parents must have a flexible schedule to accommodate trips to the vet for regular vaccinations and for medical care, often during weekday afternoons and sometimes on an emergency basis. Kittens can be lots of fun but little ones are stinky at the best of times, but when they get diarrhea (very common in kittens) they really can create a horrible, smelly mess. Everyone in your household has to agree to fostering and need to know what to expect. Fostering kittens takes time and is not for everyone. Please consider the above before applying to be a foster parent.

Love watching funny kitten videos? You might love fostering! Our fosters report that having cute kittens around makes you smile inside and out. Watching their funny kitten antics, cuddling their soft little selves, knowing that you are helping a tiny kitten…it  makes you feel good!


To Join TKR’s Foster Program, please fill out our TKR Foster Application by clicking here or the button below.