Bi-Continental Fostering with Cybele

The French flair for food and fashion is well known. Now French-American Cybele Dolan has introduced TKR to fostering among the jet-set.

Born in the U.S., Cybele grew up in Montreal where her Dad owned a factory. With mice. Late afternoon one Friday Dad got a cat to live at the factory. Pops carried the kitty home for the weekend; the cat would start work chasing mice on Monday. Two days later Cybele and her family had fallen in love with the cat and Voilà!, the kitty was promoted to a life of love and leisure in the family home.

After she married, Cybele and her family settled in France. But every summer Cybele relocated her kids (son and daughter) to the U.S. for English immersion practice. Like most kids, the children petitioned for a pet, but because they moved back and forth each year it was impossible.

Then one fateful summer, while Cybele’s daughter was attending a San Francisco day camp, Cybele saw a sign about TKR. Bien sûr!  The answer!  And so it began…every summer while the family vacationed in the U.S. for 2 months they fostered for TKR.

From the beginning, the Dolan kids relished taking care of little TKR kittens. And at 17 and 13 years old, they still do. Cybele has watched how caring for kittens brings immeasurable joy to her family,  and helps her children connect with their gentler selves.

Two years ago the family reversed course. Now they travel to France for a couple months each summer and live in the U.S. full-time.  The kids love the fact that more time in the U.S. equals more cuddle time with TKR kittens.

Cybele has shared her love of kitten fostering with other moms at the SF french school Lycée Français, which her kids attend. Many folks there are bi-continental like her. One mom was in deep mourning after a beloved rabbit died. At Cybele’s suggestion, the mom started fostering for TKR and it really lifted her spirits. And new to cats, she  learned that she loves kittens and cats.  Magnifique!