Donor and Animal Lover: Susie Reichert Wong

susie-rw-and-gangAfter working 12 years in veterinary medicine and 25 years in Public Health, Susie Reichert Wong retired and immediately started volunteering at San Francisco Animal Care and Control (SFACC).

It is a match of soulmates.  Susie loves animals and has always had them in her life. At present, Susie and her husband have two cats, a dog and a couple tweety birds. According to Susie “Animals make every part of my life better.”

Once at SFACC Susie volunteered with the cats. Presently she walks shelter dogs. And fosters TKR kitttens! She reports “I was amazed how available Toni at TKR was to help me as a foster. She quickly answered my phone calls–late in the evening, early in the morning–regarding any foster kitten concern I had.”

As Susie likes to tell people “at TKR every kitten counts. I was so impressed, they try so hard with every single kitten. Each kitten is important to them.”

Five years ago Susie started donating generously to TKR by making an annual gift. She says she likes to donate to TKR because “you can be assured your contributions really go to help the kitties.”

With her background, Susie has a unique perspective on TKR. “It’s Inspiring,” says Susie. ” I know from my work in the vet hospital that a lot of the young kittens TKR takes would die if TKR didn’t help them. And I know there are few resources to help young kittens.”