Candy Corn

Candy Corn and Cornelius aren’t just matching tabbies, they are a perfectly matched pair and BFFs. Candy has a white streak along her nose and striking patterns in her fur, evoking images of clouds, waves, mountains, and dunes! Cornelius is smaller in size, with sandy colored tabby fur. 

Candy Corn is super friendly and social, happy to get lots of chin scratches and make new friends. She is very inquisitive and enjoys high places, getting rides on your back, and a variety interactive toys and games. Cornelius can be a little shy with strangers at first, but once he realizes he is with nurturing humans he comes out of his shell and adores attention and will jump just to rub your hand. They both love playing with you and each other.

These two both love to be touched and they will snuggle with you at any opportunity. They enjoy munching on cat grass, looking for hidden treats, and clicker training sessions!

They will do best in a home with older children and no dogs. Access to comfy places to sit with screened windows and fresh air makes them very happy. These two have been waiting a very long time for their forever home and we are hoping that they find their new family soon. These two deserve the best and are ready to give their forever home so much.

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