Très Gris – adopted!

Greetings! My current name is Très Gris, because I am definitely a Grand Gray Cat! But I MAY allow you to change my name to better suit our relationship. Despite my stature (I am the largest of my litter), I am gentle, polite and definitely regal. I have an unexpectedly soft, almost coy meow that seems to elicit vocal sounds from humans: awww!!

I eat with my eyes closed, while purring. Speaking of purring, I purr easily, especially when picked up and caressed. I grew up with 4 siblings and an 11-year old dog. The dog is a very patient baby sitter.

I love playing with my siblings and would LOVE a home with fellow felines. If you don’t already share a home with playful and gentle cat(s), adopting two of us would be ideal! Tigre and Glider are my brothers and it would be great if we could find a home together. Hope to meet you soon!

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