Glider – adopted!

They call me Glider! I am slim and trim, long-legged and athletic. I love to play hide and seek and pounce on unsuspecting victims. I have a sense of humor. I also love long naps on high sunny spots, next to my siblings. I relax and groom myself, my sibs, and humans.

I was born with a black line on my right eyelid, going from nose to cheek. AND, I have a white diamond on my left hip.  How cool is that? I definitely belong center stage. I’m Cirque du Soleil material. 

I grew up with 4 siblings and an 11-year old dog. The dog is a very patient cat sitter. I love playing with my siblings and would LOVE a home with fellow felines. If you don’t already share your home with playful and gentle cat(s), adopting TWO of us would be IDEAL. Tigre and Très Gris are my brothers and it would be great if we could find a home together.

Hope to meet you soon!

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