A Kitten Holiday Tale

by foster mom Terri Ludden

Once upon a time, in the beautiful hills of Noe Valley, San Francisco, a mom-to-be feral cat was looking for a cozy place to have her kittens.  She came upon a sunny backyard with a warm, dry place. She knew her new family would be safe here, far away from hungry coyotes and big bad cars.  Six weeks quickly went by and the kittens, now weaned, could be seen frolicking in the open yard.

It was time to call Toni’s Kitten Rescue. 

The kittens were safely trapped and moved to experienced fosters who kept the kittens healthy and taught the foursome to trust humans.  They grew to become  friendly, happy kittens who are now looking forward to finding their forever homes.

Champagne and Caviar are a bonded brother and sister.  Both are purring machines! They purr when they nap, eat, and play. Champagne is a fluffy, lap cat flame point Siamese with big blue eyes.  Caviar is a gorgeous tortie with a gentle, mellow personality.

Marmalade and Cayenne are also a bonded sister and brother. Marmalade is a ginger girl who loves to play and then cuddle. Cayenne is a shy female tortie who warms up quickly.

Happy Holidays from Toni’s Kitten Rescue!!!

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