Minerva (Minnie) – Adopted!

Adoption pending!

Minerva (Minnie) is a grey short-haired kitten with green eyes. She’s very inquisitive and braver than her best friend Ellie. She loves to play with toys! She especially enjoys sticks with dangly toys attached to them. Minnie is very loving and will clean Ellie’s face and hair after they finish a meal.

Both Ellie & Minnie like to be petted and cuddle together on fuzzy blankets. They also like to sleep in the same bed as their humans. They are a little skittish, but they come right back out again once they’re sure of things. With a little more confidence, they will bloom!

These two would do well in any house. They get along well with children, dogs, and other cats. They would like to be adopted together as they comfort and play with each other. A wonderful duo to love!

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