(Adoption Pending) Claire & Ian

ADOPT US! Claire (white female) and Ian (orange male) are the sweetest pair – affectionate, curious and playful. You can find them either playing / wrestling each other or napping happily together.

Claire is a beautiful girl with silky smooth fur with very light brown on her tail and paws. She’s a bit shy and cautious at first, but once she knows she’s safe her personality will come out and she’s full of energy. She loves to get your undivided attention and all the cuddles until she says she’s good, which then usually turns into play time. Claire acts as a big sister to Ian, making sure he’s cleaned up after he eats.

Ian is small but don’t let his size fool you – he is fearless, playful and curious. He’s also always hungry and mealtime is his favorite time. He’ll be sure to let you know how hungry and excited he is when you bring out the food. Ian is friendly and very social and loves to be around people. He is curious and always up to explore but also loves his share of cuddles.

Claire and Ian are bonded pairs. They get along with other people but don’t have experience with other cats, dogs or children. They both love to play and will play with anything. They especially love chasing the rainbow string teaser.

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