Precious Opal

“A year ago this Sunday, I met and adopted Opal (then named Noelle) from SFACC through Toni‘s Kitty Rescue. One year later, Opal is happy, healthy, and a deeply loved member of my family. As I write this, she is purring contentedly on my lap with her head pillowed on my knee and a front paw wrapped protectively around my leg–her preferred way to spend most of every day. At night, she sleeps curled up on my left shoulder. She looks forward to devouring her twice-daily hyperthyroid medication and will play like a kitten when the mood strikes despite her (estimated) 13 years. Opal is the perfect companion, and I’m so grateful for the wonderful care she received during her time at SFACC and for the invaluable support from Toni’s Kitty Rescue.
I encourage others to consider adopting senior pets. I have now shared my home with two senior cats (both 12 when I adopted them), and I have been brought such immeasurable joy by the serenity, wisdom, and profound love these too often overlooked animals have to offer.”