Tuco and Qui Qui

Tuco and Qui Qui, 15 and 14 year old seniors cats, came to SFACC together when their owner passed away.  Both needed extensive dental work, and Qui Qui required part of his jaw to be wired together.

TKR footed the veterinary bill of $1500 to heal these two orphaned cats. Soon after their treatments, both were adopted into a loving home – together!

Their new moms, Kathleen and Deirdre, had these proud words to say about their sweet senior duo:

“We adopted a bonded pair of 15 year old gorgeous cats today from SFACC.  You might wonder how they made it at SFACC this long. A group called Toni’s kitty Rescue who usually helps ACC place kittens in foster homes took them on as part of their new Senior Rescue program. They had dentals plus one of them had a broken jaw which was repaired as well. This was a big day for them and now they’re so mellow hanging out in our office room, just as good as can be.

Love the oldies!”